Orthodontics and Other Excitement

Hey, guys! Since I last wrote, I’ve been in orthodontics full swing!  I now have braces on my bottom teeth (which, thankfully, you can’t see), and an expander, which causes a gap between my top teeth (which you CAN see ). I’m quite the drama queen, so I think my mom is surprised I haven’t complained more about my braces. Well, truth is, I try to forget about them! But when you have to spend a while brushing your teeth after every meal? NOT fun. I’ve been busy with OTHER things, too, though. I have just begun a series of lessons at church, which will prepare me for baptism later this year. I just started writing a new book, Welcome  to Universe, which is personifying weather types as high school students. I love school when it means reading, writing, history, science, and foreign language (I compare Latin, French, Spanish, and English), but I so don’t like math. I personally know that decimals are important, but will I really need to know order of operations if I’m a writer? I REALLY don’t get math some times. But at least English does (NOT!) make sense. Did you hear? The I before E rule was proved wrong by science! Sorry. Bad pun!  But really, I love to write, act, sing, play piano, read, and learn cheerleading jumps and cheers. I don’t do flips, though. What about you? What is something you know but don’t understand why it’s useful? Please tell us!


Coffee Conversations

Oops. Posted Soda Speaks! first. Sorry!

Daughters of the Light

I’m sitting here with a cup of very hot cream-less coffee, contemplating the meaning of life. 

Or not. I’m actually drinking coffee because I’m real tired because I stayed up too late last night emailing, reading and listening to music.   But I don’t think de drink doing anything…..maybe because I grabbed the decaf instead of the non-decaf….but the caffeinated cup I had RIGHT before this one SHOULD be waking me up by now, right? Anybody else find that coffee makes no difference in energy levels?? Just curious….

*hands you a cup of coffee* Let’s talk, friends.

Friend: Great! What do you want to talk about?

Me: *deer caught in headlights look* Uh….why don’t YOU pick the topic?

Friend: Uh, yeah, that’s not going to work.

Me: Why not?

Friend: Because we are in your head….you created us for the purpose of your blog post but we have no original…

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Soda Speaks

Hattush and I did this. SOOOO FUN!

Daughters of the Light

As you may remember, a few weeks ago I posted Coffee Conversations. Today I’m back talking with another drink! My friend Kaley and I wrote this together! 🙂 Hope you enjoy! 🙂

Hattush: Introducing… Soda!

Soda: Uh, hi I guess. Just so ya know, I’m SO COLD, that… (Little help here? I totally just forgot my line…)

Hattush: Um… I don’t know your lines, Soda. You kinda just walked in here and I’m meeting you for the first time.

Soda: Right. BUT HEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEEEEE! Or I will EXPLODE all over that adorable SHIRT you’re wearing.

Hattush: *panics* NOO! I LOOOVE this shirt!

Soda: Wonderful! So tell me what I’m supposed to do or say bye-bye to your shirt!

Hattush: *deep breath* Uh…just talk to me, I guess. You know, tell me what it’s like being you or talk about your family or something like that.

Soda: *rolls eyes* You really…

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Contest Story: Stolen Song!

The Stolen Song

  Maryanne Schaefer was the happiest 12 and a half- year-old girl in the world with a mike in her hand and a Christian record deal to boot. She had thousands of fans awaiting her next song…which she had to write, right now. She sighed, and turned back to her half-filled page.

   “Oh, come on. Take a break, already. You’ve zoned like, nine times! Let’s head to The Traveling Cow,” her roomate at Kriesel Academy Christian School for Girls, Lavender Palma, grinned.

   Maryanne shook her head, her curly, shoulder-length brown hair flying from side to side. “I’ve got a deadline, Lav. I mean, fo real! You seriously thought it’d happen? I’ve just got a minor case of writer’s blo-” she began, just as Dan Palma barged into the room grandly.

   “I shall make my entrance,” he joked.

   David White, his roommate at a nearby boarding school—Trinity Academy for Boys—followed him. “And I’ll make sure that that entrance isn’t into the hospital.” David deadpanned with a smile. The girls giggled. Dan was Lavender’s twin brother, and he was very accident-prone.

   Dan sighed. “Why is my fault such a joke?” he asked, dramatically.

  “Um, bro? You trip up the stairs. You were voted most likely to crack your head open last year. Ya kinda have a reputation,” Lav laughed.

   “And I TRY to warn him every time I see a coffee table. I sometimes fail, though. By now, Dan has made a few new friends at the ER,” David smirked.

  “This is fun and all, but why are you boys here? I’m supposed to write a song by next month, at the latest. I want to run it by Sia first, so I don’t have much time,” Maryanne exclaimed, impatiently. Sia Siaby was her song advisor.

“Oh, that. I forgot for a moment. I came to invite you gals to join us at The Traveling Cow. Care to spare a moment?” Dan said, imitating the act of removing a hat, then bowing deeply. The girls tittered again.  

“Told ya, Maryanne. Let’s get some icey creamie,” Lav said, flinging her long blond hair over her shoulder.

  “Fine. I could use some inspiration,” Maryanne agreed, a sparkle in her eye.

    Dan held open the door for the girls when they reached the popular ice cream shop, bowing yet again.

    Maryanne giggled.“Such a gentleman,” she said.

  Lavender grabbed her arm and yanked her to a table. “YES! Our table is free!” She exclaimed, though the restaurant was almost empty. They all sat down—Dan across from Maryanne and next to Lav, David in the remaining seat—and began to talk and laugh. Soon the waiter came.

“Lavender here would like a double scoop of Spicy Cocoa Bean, I want an Avocado and Mint shake, and Maryanne wants a Strawberry and Triple Chocolate cone. I THINK David wants to try the Anchovy and Bean ice cream,” Dan grinned mischievously.

  “No way! I’m not doing Anchovy Bean. I want Spicy Mango.” David exclaimed.

  “And I want Kiwi and Plum. NOT Spicy Cocoa Bean.” Lav laughed. Dan just grinned. The waiter looked quite amused.

  “Did he get your order right?” the waiter asked Maryanne.

  She nodded.“Actually, yes,” she giggled. Lavender stuck her tongue out at Dan.

    While Maryanne was distracted, Diana-Lyn Lee, the most cynical, cantankerous and resident mean-girl at school, snuck through the open door of Maryanne’s room. She’d always despised Maryanne, from her horrendous music to that ridiculous bubbly attitude. She shuddered as she pictured the silly airhead. She looked around the room, eager to find something that she could use to turn that girl’s glittery attitude off! Her eyes widened, and a malicious smile crossed her face.

Maryanne is going DOWN, she thought, as she grabbed the half-written song. Then, with that, she took off.


   “Hey guys, before you go, do you want to hear what I have so far?” Maryanne asked, her dimples appearing as they walked into the girls’ room.

   “Sure, but we can’t stay too long. It’s been an hour, and Dan is due to crash into something. I trust that you want tables to have legs, and glass to be in one piece?” David grinned.

Dan stuck out his tongue at him,as he bumped directly into Maryanne’s bed.

“Let me just check this out, the pa-” she began. Suddenly, her smile disappeared, in true Cheshire cat fashion

 “What’s wrong?” Dan and Lav asked at the same time.

“My- my music! It’s gone!” she gasped.

“What? Wait- we left the door open! I remember wanting to close it, but not wanting to leave Dan. But when we came back, it was closed!” David exclaimed.

“You-you mean someone stole my music? Why? Who?” Maryanne cried, tears brimming over.

Dan and Lavender once again moved in unison, both coming nearer Maryanne to comfort her.

“It’ll be OK,” Lav soothed, giving her a hug.

“Yeah. You seem to come up with songs left and right. We’ll try to find it, but if we don’t, I trust you’ll come up with another great song,” Dan agreed with his sister.

Maryanne looked at them, panic in her expression.“You don’t understand. A search would take days, and a song doesn’t come that quickly. Plus I just figured out an ending, but I don’t remember the start. And I only have a week! Sia gave me until Tuesda-” she began.

Once again, she was interrupted, this time by her phone. She grabbed it, and her face looked worried as she answered.“Hey. Uh-huh. How could I forget? Wait… WHAT? But my song… Well, OK.” She said to the unknown person. Then she hung up and sighed.“That was Robin. I now only have ‘til Sunday night. The concert date got moved. Collapsing on the bed, she hugged her knees, a tear slipping down her cheek.

“Cheer up. I’m texting Dawn, Sunny, Jess, Bianca and Lacey right now.” Lavender said.

“Ya. She textin’,” Dan joked, attempting to cheer her.

Maryanne’s frown lessened at the goofy accents. Dan changed them as frequently as he blinked. Besides, how could she doubt when her friends were so confident?

“Ok, Dawn and Maryanne will ask around this dorm, Lacey and Lav the next, and the boys and I the last.” Sunny Ashes directed, flipping her blond hair.

For once, Maryanne was glad her friend was so bossy.

Dawn Snow gave her hand a squeeze. “See? We’ll find it.” she whispered, giving her a reassuring glance with her brown eyes.

“We’ll admit it: we’re teacher’s pets. We’ll ask them.” Jessica Daily said, speaking for both her and Bianca Taylors.

“Finally! A sign that you’re human!” Dan grinned, crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue and waddling, zombie-style. Jess lunged at him, but he dived out of the way.

Dawn pulled Maryanne to the room next door. She knocked, and dark-haired Darci Dimitriou opened the door.“Hey, someone stole Maryanne’s song, and we wondered if you saw anything?” Dawn asked her.

“No way! I was probably too busy reading. I usually am. But I hope you find it!” And Darci reached out to hug her.

Then they moved on. Saturn wasn’t around, and Grace was napping. Ashley was working out with the door open, but hadn’t seen anything, anyway.

When they returned to Maryanne’s room, they were exhausted.

Soon, David, Dan, and Sunny came in.“Got anything?” Dan asked, hopefully.

Nada. You?  ” Maryanne sighed.

“Loads. You should be glad Sue’s such a snoop,” Sunny grinned.

“Dish,” Dawn said, sitting up. Soon, suspects were narrowed to Fiona Brookes, Danielle Smith, Diana-Lyn Lee, and Zoey Sanders.

“I seriously doubt Fiona wanted a song. She probably wanted to vent about Fred.” Maryanne said, thinking about Fiona and her twin brother.

“Yeah. I’ll put ‘Srsly?’ by her name,” Sunny said.

Soon Lace, Lav, Bianca, and Jess returned. Only Willow Wrighte was added to the list.

“I don’t know, guys. This is not a good start.” Maryanne sighed.
“Maryanne Louisa Schaefer, you are not giving up!” Lav exclaimed, then slapped a hand over her mouth. All the girls turned to see how Maryanne and the boys would react to the despised middle name.

Maryanne grimaced. “Well, they were bound to know some day.” She sighed.

Dan grinned. “I’d never tease you. I’d never tease anyone. I’m quite solemn, for a youth.” he joked, turning his nose to the air in mock dignity.

   David didn’t say anything, but yanked Dan away to head back to the boys’ school, probably trying to protect the girls’ tables.

Dawn went out to question the suspects.

The others tried to squeeze a smile out of Maryanne.

Dawn sighed. She had already questioned Fiona, Willow, Zoey, and all three had provable alibis. Danielle’s was airtight.

She knocked on Diana-Lyn’s door. “What do you want?” Diana asked,opening the door, all business.

“Maryanne thinks someone broke into her room. Can I ask you some questions?” Dawn asked, grinning up at the tall girl.

   Diana rolled her eyes. “Fine,” She said.

“Thanks. Where were you at 4:30?” Dawn asked with a smile.

“I was AT The Traveling Cow. NOWHERE near that silly songbird’s room,” Diana said snarkily.

“Ok. What do you think of Maryanne?” Dawn asked more cautiously.

Diana snorted. “These questions stink. The truth? Maryanne is a spoiled flirt. Good-bye,” And she shut the door in Dawn’s face.

Dawn smiled. Now THIS proves her guilty, she thought.

“Maryanne! Diana is guilty! I’m positive!” Dawn said as she burst into the room.

Maryanne sat up. “What?” She exclaimed.

Dawn smirked, and imitated Diana. “I was AT The Traveling Cow,”

“No way! I saw only two people there, neither being Diana,” Lav said.

Maryanne hurried to confront Diana.

“Where is my song?” Maryanne demanded when she reached the girl’s room.

“Wha- What? Why would I want a stupid song about being mixed-up?” Diana asked.

“You have it. You just gave yourself away,” Maryanne informed her, matter-of-factly.

Diana grumbled as she handed over the song. “But I WILL get you!!” she called after Maryanne.

Maryanne grinned. She wasn’t worried.


The concert began, and Maryanne took a deep breath as she stepped on  stage to face the sold-out crowd, her dress glimmering like the girl inside it. The fans roared. She grabbed the mike and began to sing her latest love song to her Heavenly Father.

“My friends say this,

But I can’t miss

The way You tell me no.

My mom says yes,

But it’s prob’ly best

To not go with the flow

I just can’t see

Where I will be

If I try it out like them

I just don’t know

Where I will go

With the doubt that’s creeping in.

I guess I’ll say ENOUGH!

Things get all mixed-up

When I try to win

I want to try

But then again, I

Can’t deny this denial in me

I guess I just don’t

Understand, but I won’t

Go against Your plans for me

I just can’t see

Where I will be

If I try it out like them

I just don’t know

Where I will go?

With the doubt that’s creeping in.

I guess I’ll say ENOUGH!

Things get all mixed-up

When I try to win

How could I say no?

When It’s You, I know

Telling me to rest in You

I guess I won’t

When You say don’t

I’ll stop and trust in You

I just can’t see

Where I will be

If I try it out like them

I just don’t know

Where I will go

With the doubt that’s creeping in.

I guess I’ll say ENOUGH!

Things get all mixed-up

When I try to win

Yeah, when I try to win.”

The crowd was on their feet clapping. She smiled. Even if Diana disapproved, she had all the approval she needed. The Lord’s opinion was all that really mattered.

Thank you to my mom, grandma and aunt for being my editors.  I am grateful for these three English pros. I’m also grateful to my sisters, who gave me the slightest approval. Thank you. – from a grateful daughter, granddaughter, niece, and sister.




Sorry guys! I’ve had a blog for over a year and yet I’ve barely written.This year, I have two main resolutions: Write to you more, and write that novel I’ve been working on. My book is a spy story based off a story series I tell my sisters during our sleepovers. It’s existed since I was eight, due to the fact that I had doodled the numbers 1/0 on a board on my bunk bed during a game and found it as inspiration for a spy code name. Yeah, I’m an oddball. But what matters is that I worked it into an awesome story that my friends and family love. Even if you think I’m some crazy dreamer,I want to be published for REAL by age 16,and that’s what I’ll try to do.I believe that I have the greatest support group ever, and that’s what really counts. Do you have a crazy dream that seems only 1% possible? Tell us what it is!

Piano and Practice

Hi! For the last 2 years, my sisters and I have been learning piano.  But then, this year, middle C on our piano stopped working right, and because it’s middle C,  we replaced our piano. But before we did, our lessons had not been frequent. So last week we started our lessons again.

Our teacher, our grandmother, is free on Thursday nights, and so are we, most of the time. We take our lessons at either her house or ours, and then we sew.  That’s right!  We all sew, too!  We all enjoy piano practice, but some of us, maybe me especially….OK,OK, I admit, I don’t like that I need so much practice!  My mom says,

“Practice makes PROGRESS , NOT perfection!”

Tonight we have a lesson, and I’m kinda sorta not excited.  But, hey, can you blame me?  I already admitted I am a slight perfectionist.  I’m ready for sewing, though!  By the way, what instrument do you want to play?  I actualy prefer singing to playing an instrument!  Please comment, and thanks for reading!

2018 !!!!!

WOW! It’s already January! I mean, the year passed SO fast! People celebrate a TON of different ways. We tried the saran wrap ball game, and it was SO, SO fun! We thought it was hilarious! If you had only seen my dad’s face when my younger sister got a screw driver, you could picture his face when she gave it to him! Well, some people make new year’s resolutions. Tell me yours! I plan to try a little harder at not getting distracted during school. Also, tell me how YOU celebrate the new year. We did the saran wrap game.  Please comment, and en- joy!

Cookin’ Up Some Imagination!

Hi! My name is Kaley Kriesel,  I am in 6th grade. I’m home schooled and we call our school, Kriesel Academy School for Girls. In case  you can’t pronounce ” Kriesel”,  my granny , a substitute teacher , always says ,” Kriesel rhymes with diesel.”  I live in Moore, Oklahoma. If you saw me on the news in 2013, don’t freak out. I survived the May 20, 2013 tornado. I write a lot, read a lot, and create a lot. I’m always cookin’ up somethin’, whether it’s a new story, a craft, a fun idea, or a  muffin recipe.  So this blog is about the latest kupdates of my creative life.